The Silent Titan – Solo Mission

The Silent Titan – Solo Mission

Aahhh… I haven’t heard a chill track with such a great vibe in a while. Fresh with funky beats… absolutely lovely. I love the description of Silent Titan’s debut ‘For The Rest Of My Days'”on Soundcloud:

“Travel , movement , time, space , speculation , nostalgia, and observation ; These everyday circumstances are the themes highlighted on this record . The Silent Titan aka Tom Charuk is a producer from Australia working consistently behind the boards to develop a worldwide following through his hip-hop roots.

Soulful, hard hitting, sample heavy production, seamlessly intertwined with live instrumentation, synthesis, and an array of talented vocalists, makes this release a monumental benchmark in The Silent Titan’s ever expanding portfolio. Always providing originality with his beats, Tom’ s intrinsic, genuine approach to beat making is dynamic, professional and without exception, from the heart.”

For more on The Silent Titan, you can check out his Soundcloud profile.

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