Getting Deeper Podcast #59 mixed by Mathias Maximiliano

Getting Deeper Podcast #59 mixed by Mathias Maximiliano

Spain’s Mathias Maximiliano gives us the 59th family member in the Getting Deeper podcast series. Deep, industrial-tech grooves take the center stage in this timeless set while tech house together with some techno gives it a fluid shape.

Mathias begins the set with a melancholic Jon Hopkins’ tune and gracefully moves on to deeper sounds. The end result is a tightly knit set that is packaged so damn well. It’s incredibly well crafted, with a hypnotic progression that is so easy to get lost into. It will take you to a new york-esque world at midnight. You will get sucked in, slowly and gradually… and it will feel good.

I love it when sets have the power to transport you to places you probably even have never been to. It just shows how well developed it is, like a strong personality with characteristics that are hard to miss. In light of that, the set has a beautifully dark character which is subtle at most places and incredibility good to fall in love with.

It will be hard not to listen to the set from start to finish if, of course, you have the appetite and the time for it. And so, I urge you to make some time (and some space) and give it a good listen.

Thank you Mathias! This set is top class.

Photograph by ©Julien Coquentin / VOZ'Image.


Getting Deeper Podcast #58 mixed by Bremer

Getting Deeper Podcast #58 mixed by Bremer

Netherlands’ Ifang Bremer has gifted Getting Deeper one of the deepest sets that it has ever published till date. Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, as some may find it too intense… but intensity is what makes it so good for those of us who get deep music in deeper ways than most other people. 

First, let me begin by mentioning how well crafted the entire set is. Seamless transitions with really well done track layering connects every single breakpoint in the set to a more universal, underlying theme that is dark and mysterious. The end result is a consistent, hypnotic vibe that transports you to parallel universes… sometimes taking you into the future and sometimes in a post apocalyptic setting. But it’s beautiful. My god, it’s actually stunning.

I need to explain what I really mean by track layering in transitions. At many points during the set when a transition is occurring, you can feel the next track coming in. So it isn’t really seamless in a literal sense if you pay close attention. It is seamless in the sense that it feels right. The next track slowly creeps in such a way that it feels like it was meant to be there. At this point two tracks sound like they have been ‘layered;’ two transparent sonic layers that slowly take you from one heady trip to another heady trip of a different texture, and yet… connected with an inexplicable thread. What’s impressive is how he has created a story out of it, with beautifully haunting ups and downs that, at many points, represent the complexity of life.

You really have to get deep into it to actually know how solid it is. Or perhaps you are deep enough already to know that in an instant from the time you hit play 😀

Thank you Ifang! You have covered every aspect of what makes a set excellent in this extraordinary aural story.

Photograph by Hush Photo



Thomas Scholz – Mimesis (rampue Remix) (Snippet)

Thomas Scholz – Mimesis (rampue Remix) (Snippet)

Rampue is back again for us with a phenomenal remix of ‘Mimesis’ by Thomas Scholz. Intense melodies make up the hallmark of the track. The intensity of the sound is transposed into an equally intense vibe. It puts you in a dimension of sublime, passionate experiences. Absolutely stunning.

The track is out on July 28th.

Getting Deeper Podcast #57 mixed by V i v i d

Getting Deeper Podcast #57 mixed by V i v i d

Pakistan’s V i v i d aka Hassan Malik has given us an exquisite set that we are very proud to publish. It is much more massive and divine than expected. We know Hassan’s sets as one of those that carry a very impressive consistency. This set however, has a richer, more gorgeous consistency that will blow your mind away.

Choice of tracks is incredibly deep with a strong dose of dreamy melodic goodness. Each track is made to sound better by a thoughtful and intelligent order in which they are mixed. It’s perfect… and done in such a way that the set starts with a slow, spacey sound and gradually moves on to more mesmeric and intoxicating melodies.

The consistency is mature and smooth. Hassan has masterfully molded it into something divine, timeless and absolutely stunning. It’s hard to find other sets than can match up to the craft of this one. I wish I had more words, more analogies and more metaphors stored somewhere in the back of my head to explain how excellent this set is! I guess beautiful things in life are not meant to be explained… just felt.

So press that play button when you have a good 1 hour 30 minutes to devote your time to a sublime listening experience. I promise you  it won’t disappoint you.

Thank you Hassan, this set is truly stunning.

Photograph by Yulya Dahl


Chymera – Fathoms (Tomi Chair’s Another Story Remix)

Chymera – Fathoms (Tomi Chair’s Another Story Remix)

It’s been a while since I have been introduced to a good track on Soundcloud. I blame myself for that because I haven’t really been discovering music lately. Lack of time and a good space to listen to are the main factors behind this. Nevertheless, ‘Fathoms’ by Chymera, remixed by Tomi Chair came in front of me and I was happy to finally have something to post about. Deep, atmospheric and perhaps even a little dark… ‘Fathoms’ carries a beautifully haunting sound that may not be embraced by everyone. It is divine, and perfect for Getting Deeper.

The track is available for free download.

Getting Deeper Podcast #53 mixed by Lars Neubert

Getting Deeper Podcast #53 mixed by Lars Neubert

Lars’ set for Getting Deeper’s 53rd podcast is one of the most deep sounds we have here on Getting Deeper. Deep, dusty beats are embedded in wicked, atmospheric soundscapes and strung together with lovely transitions in this one.

The entire set has a mesmeric, show stopping quality. Intense breakdowns and soaring melodies come and go in the set with bright stabs. Once you decide to devote yourself to it, we promise you that you will either be surprised or slowly and steadily absorbed into a twisted and cosmic world of sonic extravagance.

Minimal, underwater beats frequently make welcome appearances… which is great because they provide a nice contrast to the more grandiose sounds that dominate the set. And still, they are grandiose in their own ‘underground’ way. With a dark and strong personality like this, the end result has to be a heady trip with a sharp edge to it.

What do you get when you not only have grand melodies but also majestic beats? top fucking class music. And that’s why, we are really proud to say that this set stands out. It is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it definitely fills those minimal appetites very, very well.

Thank you Lars!

Photograph by Sean Dalin.

Your Summer Sounds 2014 – mixed by arkadiusz.

Your Summer Sounds 2014 – mixed by arkadiusz.

A good dose of inspiration is always contagious. With the series “Your Summer Sounds 2014,” we’ve got 16 gorgeous sets for the summer by 16 different talented artists. The idea is so lovely and refreshing that I’m not only moved but also motivated to finally publish a post after days. It’s great how this idea creates and supports a community driven environment… makes me feel proud to be a part of an industry that has such a great potential to thrive through genuine support.

Arkadiusz’ set for Yss 14 introduced me to the series, and I am looking forward to listening to all the other sets by the other artists this week. It is definitely going to keep me musically occupied for a long time, and I hope that it does for you too.

Arkadiusz’ collection of summer sounds consists of warm, deep beats, sublime melodies and a very airy, open air vibe. It’s as deep as summer can get; and I absolutely love that hypnotic, underground sound of Arkadiusz’ selection. The end result is a wicked set that slowly and gradually takes you more and more deep with its progression.

Enjoy the summer vibes 🙂

The Sunday Five #1

The Sunday Five #1

Today’s mixtape collection comprises of deep, timeless and stunning tracks that will take you on an inward journey. It’s perfect for sunny sundays, afternoon drives and basically any kind of journey… imaginary or not. They are simplicity at its best.

Includes music by Bessiff, Guy Gerber, Falmingus , Tale Cooper and 1000 Tears.

1. Bessiff – Le Marionnettiste (Original Mix)

2. Guy Gerber – My remix to Chaim’s Blue Shadow (as told by the artist)

3. Flamingus – Moon

4. Ben Howard – Depth Over Distance (Tale Cooper Edit)

5. 1000 Tears – Love X High

Enjoy 🙂

Bob Moses – All I want

Bob Moses – All I want

We love Bob Moses. His music is sensual, smooth and incredibly deep. Not a single track I have heard till date has been disappointing. Even though they carry the same vibe and a distinct ‘Bob Moses’ style, they are far from boring. You can hear an entire album of this stuff and not get bored of it.

Getting Deeper Podcast #41 mixed by Traumfänger

Getting Deeper Podcast #41 mixed by Traumfänger

This week’s podcast is a deep, clear and timeless piece by Germany’s Jonas Rêveur  aka Traumfänger. 

Traumfänger has compiled an excellent track selection in such a way that the entire set is going to take you further and further as you listen to it. You almost forget that there is an end to it.  It’s mature and tight with no frills or fanciness. Very classy, consistent and slick.

Pressing the play button for this set is like packing your bags and getting ready for a much needed break – a journey to somewhere you know you should be going, something you know you need to flush out all the mess that is around and inside you. That’s the power of podcasts… I have said it before and I am saying it again, it’s an expression without words; a story beautifully woven by an artist… rightfully placed in front of you to get lost into.

And while the story is happening, if you think about it… so many different yet strangely similar feelings are being experienced by different people around the world. God knows how many people the set has touched, and it’s even more amazing to think about how deeply it’s been experienced by these people. Sometimes not so deeply, but that’s okay… it’s still lovely to think about how and where the set has traveled.

Thank you Jonas!

Photograph by Laurent Nivalle

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