Getting Deeper Podcast #14 mixed by ZeitlupenUwe

Getting Deeper Podcast #14 mixed by ZeitlupenUwe

What a great way to start this sunny Sunday morning with Getting Deeper’s 14th podcast mixed by the Berlin based ZeitlupenUwe. When I first came to know that the podcast was going to be for 2 hours I was both excited and slightly anxious. 2 hours is a long time, and it takes a good selection of tracks to keep one stimulated for that entire length of time.

And how this podcast has been nailed to that point. After I finished listening [fap_track url=”″ title=”Getting Deeper Podcast #14 mixed by ZeitlupenUwe” title=”Getting Deeper Podcast #14 mixed by ZeitlupenUwe” share_link=”” cover=”” meta=”” layout=”hidden” enqueue=”no” auto_enqueue=”no”]to it I just couldn’t help but… hover my finger around this button called play and repeat it. I just had to.

ZeitlupenUwe’s 14th podcast for Getting Deeper is a tasteful collection of slow, deep beats, smooth grooves and slick vibes. At some points, the set gets incredibly soulful and at some… it’s just sexy and smokin’ hot. All you need to do is press play on this podcast, take a backseat, put your shades on and let the good vibes roll. Or just play it already. That will suffice.

And I must mention that this set is the deeper side of deep house. ZeitlupenUwe aka Martin likes to call this ‘slowmotion’ house, and I couldn’t disagree. Let me add some deep in there and call it ‘slowmotion deep house.’ Let me also sprinkle it with a little bit of Italian and say… ‘eccellente!’

Thank you Martin for honouring us with Getting Deeper’s 14th podcast, and for providing a constant flow of love and good vibes for 2 whole hours! <3

Photograph by David Velez

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