Premiere: Debal Sommer & Jean Caillou – Refuse (Canson Remix) [Copycow]

Premiere: Debal Sommer & Jean Caillou – Refuse (Canson Remix) [Copycow]

For our latest premiere we are pleased to have on board with us Debal Sommer with his upcoming EP Herbie on Copycow.

We’re delighted to be premiere the Canson Remix on Refuse.

Sometimes DEBAL SOMMER could see for miles and miles across the groovy green valley, as his companion JEAN CAILLOU on the top of a mountain can see for miles across the melodic rocks. The branches and leaves would lash him across the face, and he and his two cows BREGER & TIMBOLETTI would move out for a spicy lunch. So, bounding and crashing and whooping and yelling, the whole tribe, with CANSON in the middle, swept along the tree-roads.

Released Date: 27/03/2017

Debal Sommer
SC: @debalsommer

Jean Caillou
SC: @jeancaillou

SC: @canson

SC: @copycow

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