Mjutah – Into the sun

Mjutah – Into the sun

These last couple of days have been disheartening. I don’t feel like going out much and meeting people at all. The weather is so great that I just feel like staying home and watching something on my bed. With the new portable speakers I got it just makes it even more tempting to lay down with my blanket and my laptop right next to me. I haven’t even been discovering a lot of new music lately because I have been spending my time watching a lot of TV Shows (Breaking Bad and Sopranos precisely).

But if there was one new music composition I have been into, it would be this one. Incredibly deep, not just genre wise but also vibe wise, this set portrays every philosophical realization you’ve ever had. Therapeutic and intense, this set reaches deep into your soul and heart. With great instrumental samples, an amazing progression and an even more emotional undertone, it’s what you should listen to to feel connected at the end of the night to all those inexplicable and incomplete moments you have had throughout your day. This… is what will make you feel complete.

A bittersweet portrayal of what life has to offer. Still, so passionate and wholesome.

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