Getting Deeper #78 With Daniel Zuur – Welcoming Warmth

Getting Deeper #78 With Daniel Zuur – Welcoming Warmth

Around 2 weeks ago GD had the privilege of welcoming an artist who has been a long wait for its podcast series – Daniel Zuur. His Katermukke releases were much loved on GD and consequently a setting stone for a must have set on Getting Deeper. And so, I feel proud to finally have him in the Getting Deeper family with a beautiful set that is definitely one of its kind on GD.

His set is an embodiment of what Getting Deeper represents. It’s melancholic, warm, deep and ultimately passionate. There is a certain honesty to it… an honesty that explores all the different facets of living, loving and feeling. And it explores them passionately, and deeply. That’s Daniel Zuur for you.

Zuur’s music is deep and intense, but not in a dark, spacey way. It exudes a heartwarming and timeless vibe that can only be compared to the end of summer, and beginning of autumn. There is a certain melancholy to it, one that accepts and acknowledges life as it is – a wholesome experience of the fleeting nature of life’s beauty. An experience that is fleeting in itself – hard to hold on to but intense when you catch it. That is autumn. That is Zuur’s music.

Each track in the set has a quality of its own. Some tracks are ones you can just curl into, perhaps in the comfort of a bed and a lover. And some that you can only experience best by yourself, walking alone under a warm sky on wide roads, the sun breaking out in bursts as you make your way up… with no particular need of a destination.

The rest… a nostalgic look at the things and the people who have made you feel more than you can ever get used to, people who have gone past… and the ones who are yet to come.

Here is to a set for strangers, lovers and summers. A set that will stay with us forever and played over and over again. Played for all of life’s moments, just as they play themselves over and over… with each passionate moment being as novel and fascinating as the one before. Is that something we can ever get tired of?

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