Getting Deeper Podcast #94 Mixed By Evident

Getting Deeper Podcast #94 Mixed By Evident

Our 94th set in the podcast series comes from a very talented Ljubljana based artist called Evident. GD has gained quite a bit of familiarity with his music already, especially through its premiere series. His music is an ethereal blend of ambient soundscapes, echoing melodies and deep, mind-expanding trips. This set itself is a tight package mixed live and primarily made up of his productions and remixes; it’s a 1 hour gradually blooming journey full of grandiose stretches.

Evident: @evident


01. Cologne city subway recordings
02. Rafael Anton Irisarri – A Glimpse
03. The Woodleigh Research Facility – Emancipation Garage (Evident’s Lover Tonight live edit)
04. Evident, Timo Chinala – Why Don’t You (Evident revision)
05. Evident – id (improvised track)
06. Kerala Dust – Kylie (Evident live edit)
07. Azamat – Another Man (Evident live remix)
08. Touristas – Malik revisit (Evident edit)
09. Malik – Signature 9 (Evident live edit)
10. Nina Simone – When I was A Young Girl (Evident live edit)
11. Evident – id (improvised track)
12. Evident – One Of Those
13. Evident – Tied To Something
14. Jan Nemecek – Point (Evident live edit)
15. Jan Nemecek – Watered (Evident remix)
16. Paoli – Call Of Your Ghost (Evident live remix)

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