Getting Deeper Podcast #61 mixed by Orbs & Zen

Getting Deeper Podcast #61 mixed by Orbs & Zen

Bombay’s Orbs & Zen(Nicky Ramnani and Ajay Makhija) have given Getting Deeper a deep, melodic disco set, perhaps the first of its kind for GD’s 61st number in the podcast series. It’s been a very long time since GD has released a podcast by someone from India, and we are happy to have finally released a set by someone from our own country after a very long time.

The set is nice and smooth, with a sinister  but subtle vibe that makes it a classy figure on the dancefloor. What is great is that it still retains a deep character. It’s a perfect example of a nicely layered blend of rawness, groove and intensity. The end result is a great track selection with edgy, intoxicating melodies and warm tones that will transport you to an electric night. The image here is an open air space, deep into the night and much deeper into the music. Because if there is one thing I can guarantee you, it is that the set will definitely get more hypnotic the more you listen to it.

Thank you Nicky and Ajay! The set is absolutely banging.

Photograph by Laurent Nivalle

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