Getting Deeper Podcast #46 mixed by Edu Buscholl

Getting Deeper Podcast #46 mixed by Edu Buscholl

Edu Buscholl has given us a grungy and uniquely melodic 1 hour 40 minutes set for Getting Deeper’s 46th podcast. Heavy, hard hitting beats, disjointed synths and an underground, midnight vibe make up the hallmark of this set.

Underground, in its literal sense… wherein the sound is cushioned by four walls of a smoky room. On the inside, you have sweaty bodies, flickering lights and divine music that will take you through the roof and bang you out of your body. Everyone is an escapist at that point, and that’s when you know this is exactly where you are meant to be.

Music wise, this set carries with it pulsating beats, swirling melodies and such intense breakdowns that the entire experience of listening to it is liberating. Liberating because it makes you go down, dirty and sweaty. If you have experienced that, you will know how liberating it is. It’s pure indulgence, and we love it.

The set is definitely not for the light hearted. It’s dark, twisted and very interesting. Thank you Edu, we are proud to have this on Getting Deeper!

Photograph by Hush Photo

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