Getting Deeper Podcast #32 mixed by Arkadiusz

Getting Deeper Podcast #32 mixed by Arkadiusz

It’s been a while since Getting Deeper has been active. That’s 10 whole days because I have been on vacation. To come back and upload Arkadiusz’ set for Getting Deeper while at the same time listening to it has been a relief I desperately needed to beat post holiday blues.

Arkadiusz, in this set, brings about an intensely emotional experience by incorporating intricate melodies with a deep, electronic sound. Strangely unique while at the same time old fashioned, this podcast by Arkadiusz is one of the few sets I know of that embrace the above two qualities to create something that is going to give you immense closure from a universal and inexplicable human experience called nostalgia.

He slowly and smoothly pushes the set with a progression that is going to take you on a long and divine journey of varying depths and vibrations. It’s intelligent, dynamic and beautifully woven in such a way that the music will hit all the corners of your mind and soul.

Arkadiusz has created a set that is truly deep. After coming back from a long vacation and listening to this phenomenal 1 hour journey has been just what I needed to lift myself up slowly, consistently and smoothly. Thank you Arkadiusz! This set is timeless.

Photograph by cem çelik  

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