Getting Deeper Podcast #31 mixed by Dennis Ka

Getting Deeper Podcast #31 mixed by Dennis Ka

While Getting Deeper ended 2013 with a lot of soulful and melodic podcasts, Dennis Ka’s set has ensured that this year began with nothing but a banging and deep start. Dennis has combined hard hitting beats and nu disco delights in a wicked collection to grace this lovely January of 2014.

He begins the set with an explosive track that is sure to bang you out of your body and pushes it forward with a smooth progression that maintains its consistency throughout the entire length of its time. The rest of this excellent composition includes tracks that carry a touch of sublime in them, resulting in a package that not only pumps your body but also blows your mind into little fragments of electric currents.

The main crust of this package, though, is set in stone right from the first track. Its pulsating beats and swirling soundscapes occupy an unmovable position for 1 whole hour. Track by track, each pulsating beat has its own unique soundsystem but it carries the same vibe. Very very nice!

This is perfect from start to finish Dennis 🙂 Thank you. Exactly what Getting Deeper needs to begin another banging year!

Photograph by Laurent Nivalle

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