Getting Deeper Podcast #29 mixed by PINGPONG

Getting Deeper Podcast #29 mixed by PINGPONG

It was so great to see that PINGPONG finished their podcast before Christmas. To listen to it and have the pleasure of knowing that there couldn’t have been a set more perfect for the winter of 24th  is one of the best satisfactions I could have. And so I have been waiting for this Monday to come and upload the podcast.

PINGPONG – A lovely collaboration between Elisa & Thomas of Germany, have given exactly what I expected from them: A sublime and ethereal 1 hour chilling compilation of exquisite tracks. Right from the beginning, they set the stage for a melodic and refined musical journey.

The transitions between tracks are so smooth that they only make you think of how experienced and talented PINGPONG are. It continues to maintain a consistent level of class and expertise. Not even once, at any given point, the set feels out of place or  out of sync with the overall vibe.

And when it comes to the vibe, it is intense yet far from dark. It is chill and deep at the right amounts. Enough to take you to deeper dimensions yet perfect to ensure that you come to a nice closure with wherever you are at this point.

A big thanks from Getting Deeper to PINGPONG for gifting this with such a heartwarming effort. Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy this gorgeous podcast 🙂

Photograph by Laurent Nivalle

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