Getting Deeper Podcast #21 mixed by Marcel Drache

Getting Deeper Podcast #21 mixed by Marcel Drache

For Getting Deeper’s 21st podcast, we’ve got a combination of deep tech, minimal and tech house mixed by Germany’s Marcel Drache. I’ve got so many Germans on Getting Deeper’s Podcast series that it really makes me wonder why I am not there already. But lets keep my far reaching dream of going to Germany aside for now, and let’s talk about this wonderful set instead.

Beginning with a tech style minimal intro, Marcel Drache pushes this set forward with many swirls and ups as well as deeper downs to create a nice 1 hour, 20 minutes ride of both spacey and concrete tunes. At times the set gets so banging and at other times it gets so dreamy that you won’t realize from where to where you’ve gone. On a larger level, the end result is wicked vibes that come out in discrete and mysterious ways.

Yes, this podcast inclines more towards the dark side, and that’s great because as much as we love summery and soulful tunes, we also love their dark counterparts that come with sinister beats and mischievous sounds.

Very nice set Marcel! Thank you for putting Getting Deeper a step higher in the ladder of dark house 🙂

Photograph by Yulya Dahl

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