Getting Deeper Podcast #19 mixed by El Chriso

Getting Deeper Podcast #19 mixed by El Chriso

El Chriso from Vienna, who is the one half of Wetliner, has a long list of sets and podcasts that are sure to give you maximum satisfaction if you are the soulful type. And here on Getting Deeper, we delight in all this abundance of soul and love… so it is not surprising that El Chriso meets Getting Deeper for its 19th podcast.

El Chriso’s 19th podcast for Getting Deeper is a mix of sugary concoctions and hard hitting beats. Comprising of a slow, deep intro that slowly leads the way to more groovy tunes, this set is going to take you down a pure deep house journey. But the essence of this set lies in its comforting and warm vibes that make great figures not only in your room but also in your car, especially during late nights and cold weathers.

Melodic deep house tracks together with banging beats are blended and swirled together to give a seamless 1 hour ride in this one. While the progression is seamless, it actually takes you up and down quite surprisingly. And ironically, the reason it is surprising is because it is seamless… Smooth enough to not make you realize when the set turns from soft and sensual to banging and funky.

Thank you El Chriso for this lovely podcast! It’s great to have you as the 19th member to the Getting Deeper family <3

 Photograph by Yulya Dahl

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  • Phil November 4, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    Wow. This podcast has been my introduction to your blog. Bookmarked.

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