Getting Deeper Podcast #18 mixed by Zonnexx

Getting Deeper Podcast #18 mixed by Zonnexx

We’ve got a smokin’ hot podcast by Zonnexx for Getting Deeper, and how we love it <3

This 18th member to the Getting Deeper family is going to be a great figure on the dance floor. Even if you are just chilling in the comfort of your own room, the set is so damn groovy that it is going to give you all the confidence you need to get those legs moving. Infused with nu disco vibes, hard hitting beats and pure deep house fun makes this set a perfect prelude to a long night. A prelude or not, it is going to make you reach your peak even before you head out.

When Zonnexx sent me the podcast I was pleasantly surprised. I really didn’t expect to post a podcast today. But this was a good surprise, and how I love surprises like this. I delayed my going out plans for about an hour only to return what Zonnexx has given Getting Deeper for its 18th podcast. Yes, I owe a big thank you… and there is no other way I can express how much I love this podcast than to delay my premade plans.

Again, thank you Zonnexx for this funky compilation you’ve given us 🙂

Photograph by Laurent Nivalle

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