Getting Deeper Podcast #13 mixed by Pusteflocke

Getting Deeper Podcast #13 mixed by Pusteflocke

This is exactly the kind of music I would call intelligent dance aka IDM. It has all the elements that an IDM set would have: It’s experimental, very underground and a mixture of so many different house styles… particularly tech house.

Tonight is the perfect night to upload this deeply dark and haunting podcast by Pusteflocke. The night itself is very cold and silent, and it couldn’t have been a better representation of this wonderful set. When Pusteflocke sent the podcast to me, she named it ‘Deep Silence’… and from the moment it started playing, I knew she had nailed it both with the name and with the vibe.

With an eclectic taste like Pusteflocke’s, I know that I am never going to get anything remotely cheesy. Her sets are a mystical package of sinister sounds, hardcore beats and deep, spacey undertones that will take you to another dimension only if you let yourself fully surrender to them.

And that, I believe, is the ideal way to listen to this set… through a complete surrender. Let it flow through you and around you, and engulf you only in a way that a deep and dark forest would.

Thank you Pusteflocke. I have been waiting to have a podcast from you on Getting Deeper! It’s very unique and an absolute must for this site.

Photograph by David Velez

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