Getting Deeper Podcast #12 mixed by GeräuschKulisse

Getting Deeper Podcast #12 mixed by GeräuschKulisse

On my way back from work I was thinking about how I am going to post this podcast today. I am noticing that I am beginning to perform some sort of a ritual before I listen to these wonderful sets made by even more wonderful artists for Getting Deeper. And I knew exactly what I wanted to do before I started writing about this podcast. There is one thing that I absolutely will not miss, and that’s listening to the set (no matter how many times I have played it before) while writing about it.

So, I am currently listening to it… and, here it goes:

This time, GeräuschKulisse brings us this deeply soulful podcast with melodic tunes, warm beats and summery vibes. It’s quite cold outside, perfect because there is nothing more comforting than this set right now. And comfort tastes the best in cold, wintery nights. There is nothing like a warm cup of tea, or the comfort of your own bed or a warm soulful deep house set in winter… what we call the simple pleasures of life.

Infused with both English and German vocals, this podcast still retains the same warm vibe throughout. Each track is placed with the others in a perfect position. Not to mention that the tracks themselves are so damn lovely…. giving you exactly what you want: a wholesome 1 hour, 30 minutes treat for your ears. So nice.

Thank you GeräuschKulisse 🙂 This podcast made my night.

Photograph by Yulya Dahl

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