Getting Deeper #88 with Luca Musto – The Beginning Of A New End

Getting Deeper #88 with Luca Musto – The Beginning Of A New End

Firstly, I want to wish a beautiful year to everyone before we explore this special set for a very special time of the year, both for myself and for Getting Deeper. I have been looking forward to release this set for quite some time. Ever since I discovered Luca Musto​, I’ve felt that his musical aura was something that needed to be captured on Getting Deeper.

His music is warm yet melancholic. It’s warm because it feels real. It isn’t excessively happy or sad, but it is beautifully authentic. It makes you feel like you aren’t alone. It is the kind of music that you play during the times that you are spending with yourself, perhaps in those therapeutic spaces where you can just be. You are yourself, you are with you, and you are thoroughly and completely satisfied with your own company. And perhaps a lot of that involves having the right music and being able to create the right vibe.

And that is what this set is for. Well, actually, that is what Getting Deeper is for. It’s for those moments, and those points in time that no one speaks about. Those drifting, transient spaces that are so very special to us, when no one is watching, and no one is listening, and you are the best that you can be. It is those private but inexplicable spaces that Getting Deeper seeks to fills up. And that is why I chose Luca. His music, and this set, are a representation of the passing, and often forgotten but restorative spaces for us.

For those of us who feel a connect with Luca’s type of music, this set will be very tasteful. Deep seated beats, smooth transitions and a minimal attitude makes it a set that is executed with subtlety. It’s earthy with a gorgeously nostalgic overcast.

The simplicity of the set makes it a rarity.

Thank you Luca,

With love,


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