Getting Deeper #87 with LennArt – Christmas ’15

Getting Deeper #87 with LennArt – Christmas ’15

For GD’s 2015 Christmas special, we’ve got a magnetic, sensual and emotional set by LennArt.

LennArt has given us a perfect pre-end gift for this year, as we have one more very special set coming up to mark the end of a transitional year which could be one of the most important chapters for GD… something that only time can tell us.

LennArt’s set represents those drifting, cinematique moments of sheer transgressions – those inner, inexplicable journeys of connection and love surrounded by nothing but sound. It is mixed to deliver a coherence that can only take you deeper, with a track selection that doesn’t disappoint the vibe that the set seeks to create – a sublime, melodic and sometimes sensually dark vibe.

It is a pleasure to have this set on Getting Deeper LennArt, thank you.

And a lovely Christmas to all of you from Getting Deeper!

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